Why JSS Trippler?

If you have heard about JustBeenPaid and JSS Tripler, you may be wondering why should I join?  The short answer is that JSS Tripler is the first ever indefinitely sustainable high return program.  You will receive 2% per day on every position you purchase!

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How is it possible to pay out such high returns?  No one can pay 2% per day indefinitely can they?  It would be impossible to pay these returns indefinitely, except JustBeenPaid has a method for doing this.  Let me first explain the basics of the program and then I’ll explain more about how they are able to sustain these payouts.  First of all JSS Tripler is an advertising exchange program.  You purchase advertising positions for $10 each.  At this time these are advertising credits that can be used for ads when the advertising portion has been fully implemented.  For now, you receive these positions for $10 each.  For every position you purchase you also receive cash earnings of 2% per day. So, if you purchase 50 positions for $500 you will receive $10 per day in cash earnings into your JSS Tripler account.  The reason for the name tripler is because with this program you have the ability to triple your money.  You see there are actually 2 programs associated with JustBeenPaid and it is the combination of these that gives you the abilitiy to triple your money and makes this program  sustainable.  JSS Tripler positions pay 2% per day for 75 days.  After 75 days these positions cycle and stop paying you.  However, for every 4 positions that cycle in JSS tripler you receive one positon in JSS which is the other program within JustBeenPaid.  JSS positions pay your $60 when they cycle (more on this later).  So, here is an example of how your money is tripled:

  • 4 JSS Tripler Positions Cost $40 – Payout 2% for 75 days = $60
  • 1 JSS Position Free After 4 JSS Tripler Positions Cycle = $60
  • Total Purchase = $40 Total Earnings = $120
    40 X 3 = 120

Simple enough right?  But how is this sustainable? How can anyone pay these returns and stay in business?  Ah, there is the secret of JustBeenPaid.  JustBeenPaid has developed a feature called the restart feature(rsf).  This feature basically allows the company to restart the program and turn liablities into assets.  If the company is approaching a negative cash flow or it is in the best interest of the company to do so, they can implement the restart feature.  What the restart feature does is transfer a portion of your JSS Tripler positions to JSS postions and give you a portion of your earnings in cash and leave a portion of the JSS tripler positions in your account.  Then the program is restartd and you are able to continue earning.  To better understand this I have included a video below made by another JustBeenPaid member.

Another powerful thing to remember is that you can purchase positions in JSS Tripler everyday, so earnings are essentially compounded when you use your earnings to buy more positions.  In this way you can earn much more than triple your original purchase!

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Doug Zandstra


JSS Trippler Review

JSS Trippler
is one of the most talked about programs online! According to the owner, Frederick Mann, there are over 175,000 members in his parent program JustBeenPaid. Currently, JSS tripler is offering 2% per day earnings to all members and you receive $10 free money just for signing up!

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Well, in this post I’m going to give you an honest review of JSS Trippler. First of all you need to know that JSS Trippler is one program within the suite of programs called JustBeenPaid. JSS Tripler is a high returns program that is paying 2% per day on every purchase made. To participate in the program you must first sign up for free through JustBeenPaid. Once you have a JustBeenPaid account you can get a JSS Tripler account. You fund your JustBeenPaid account through one of the accepted payment processors and you will then be able to purchase JSS Tripler positions. These positions are actually advertising credits that you get from the company. These credits will later be used for advertising on their website, but currently this is not available, but you still get 2% per day for each JSS Trippler position that is purchased. So the basics are quite simple. Purchase JSS Tripler positions for $10 each, receive 2% per day for each purchase for 75 days. At the end of 75 days the positions expire. You can compound your earnings buy purchasing more positions from your daily earnings. Also, you can make daily withdrawals. For every 4 JSS Trippler positions that expire you will recieve 1 JSS position. JSS is another program within the JustBeenPaid suite of programs. Since joining JustBeenPaid and purchasing my positions in JSS Tripler I can honestly say that I receive my earnings every day and I have no hesitation in recommending this program. However, to give a completely honest review I will tell you that the website for JustBeenPaid is a bit complicated and some facets of the program are difficult to understand. The fact still remains that all information about the program is available on the JustBeenPaid website and you can become a member free of charge.

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Doug Zandstra